Ready to build a Van today? Well, we’ll build it in a bit, but you get what we’re saying. Whatever. Moving on.

1) This configurator is incredibly detailed. But hey, you’re building a vehicle AND a house at the same time, so let’s not cut corners out of the gate.
2) Your progress can be saved, so if you need a break – perhaps for some light cardio or a cocktail – just click Save for later and come back later.
3) The tiers give you a good starting point. But don’t worry—you’re not locked into anything you select. You can easily jump from one tier to another throughout the build.
4) In a hurry and have decision fatigue? All good. We get it. Roll the cheat code by scrolling to the last section (Get Started), give us your details, schedule a meeting, and let a NWV team member drive the rest of the way.


Starting at $119,810



Ideal for the budget-conscious adventurer, our low-tier configuration offers essential features and functionality to get you on the road with comfort and reliability. Perfect if you’re new to van life or seeking a minimalist approach.


Starting at $165,070



Our medium-tier vans strike a balance between affordability and enhanced features, including upgraded power options, comfortable living spaces, and added storage solutions. It’s the go-to choice for seasoned travelers who appreciate a blend of convenience and efficiency.

High End

Starting at $218,738



Where luxury meets innovation. The most sophisticated features, premium finishes, and cutting-edge technology for unparalleled comfort and performance. Includes the majority of our sleek exterior accessories that enhance the van’s appearance and functionality.